Our menu includes fresh baked scones, muffins, cookies, cup cakes, and breads.  We also make custom protein bars for the fitness guru's as well as gluten free, peanut free, diabetic, paleo, and vegan options.  Lastly, we love to provide seasonal treats that fit the weather, season and holidays.

Our Coffee 

Once Upon a Crumb proudly serves Furnace Hills Coffee Company.  We chose Furnace Hills as our coffee provider because we wanted to support local business and because our mission and values align. 

Black Diamond                                                                      S  oldiers Blend                                                        Monsoon Myst

Black Diamond                                                                    Soldiers Blend                                                      Monsoon Myst

Our Famous Signature Cupcakes

From Our Bakery

Health Food Products

We serve a variety of fresh protein and energy bars/ muffins to meet the unique allergenic needs of our customers, from young children to the fitness gurus.  Each bar is custom made by Heidi, a 3 time Ironman finisher, marathoner and weight lifter, who is always looking for the best natural products to suit her nutritional needs while training. Orders can be customized to fit your dietary restrictions.  All orders are accompanied with nutritional information.  

"STOP EATING THOSE TERRIBLE BARS YOU BUY FROM THE STORE.  Anything that can last months or even years in your pantry are filled with junk.  You want to be a mean, lean, fighting machine, then know your food, and customize your product".    With Love & Power -Heidi

The options are endless.  Please contact us with your favorite flavors  and nutritional needs, and together we will customize a bar for you.


GF= Gluten Free                                                      PF*= Peanut Free                       V= Vegan

P= Paleo                                                                      NF= Nut Free                                  NO= No Added Oil

KF= Kid Friendly                                                     NS= No Added Sugar



As someone who is always looking for a healthy alternative for snacking and protein intake, The "peanut butter protein bars" from Once Upon a Crumb gives you the perfect combination of the two. These low fat, low sugar, high protein bars are one the best I have ever had, and I would recommend to ANYONE looking for a healthy alternative to snacking and protein intake.  Oh, and by the way, they are DELICIOUS!!!”   -Neal, Satisfied Snacker

”The vegan protein bars are an incredibly tasty snack that are perfect for before/after a workout, breakfast, or a light snack. With a surprising amount of protein and wholesome ingredients, I would recommend this delightful baked good to all” -John, Satisfied Customer

“Once Upon a Crumb bakes baked exceptional products.  Normally I eat every couple of hours like clockwork, but they made the most incredible banana oatmeal protein bars that were filling, flavorful and really healthy. The consistency was perfect for an on-the-go snack.  I was completely satisfied all morning!  They also make the most delicious loaves of pumpkin bread I’ve ever had.  Pumpkin-y, cinnamon-y, and incredibly moist”  Jill, No longer hungry 

“Once Upon a Crumb designed a cake for my daughters birthday that was nothing short of spectacular.  Each and every part of the cake had extraordinary detail, down to the flying bees around the hive.  She is truly an artist.”  -Emily

“Once upon a Crumb created a beautiful three tier cake for my parents 50th wedding anniversary. My parents and guests not only loved the taste but the beautiful design as well.  I would definitely recommend Once Upon a Crumb for your next event.”   -Todd

“I ordered cupcakes from Once Upon a Crumb on different occasions.  Each occasion the cupcakes were delicious.  I ordered the strawberry filled for a baby shower and they were to die for.  The cupcakes were filled with the strawberry cream and decorated with fresh strawberries and sprinkles.  The other occasion I ordered the carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  They were absolutely adorable and yummy.  Great treat for a special event and affordably priced”.             –Denise

“Once Upon a Crumb were attentive to my needs and filled in the blanks with more then I could have imagined on a cake” –April

“The cake was more than what I expected!  Everyone loved it.  Most of the time with cakes like that the taste is ok… Your cake tasted amazing!! It was so good!  Everyone was giving me compliments on the looks and the taste of it.  You definitely did an amazing job and I’m going to be getting all of my cakes done by you from now on” –Stephanie

“Once Upon a crumb as been awesome, awesome, awesome!!! They made my bridal shower cake--my mom apparently told her to just make it whimsical and fun and that they did! It was beautiful and fun. But even more so the strawberry vanilla was beyond incredible!! Out of this world. All my guests couldn't stop talking about it!! –Meghan

*My wedding cake was exactly what I wanted it to be. Once Upon a Crumb did an awesome job of taking the exact image from my head and making it real! The cake itself was delicious and so moist. I had so many compliments on my cake and I would recommend Once Upon a Crumb to anyone! –Hailey

Awesome cakes!!! They are very creative and cakes are yummy!!! -Kristy

”Thank you so much!  The cake looked awesome and I was impressed! It also tasted good!  Everything was perfect!  I don’t know how you do it, but whatever you did, it was the best cake Ive had!  Again thank you so much!” –Mieu and Antwann