Health Food Products

We serve a variety of fresh protein and energy bars/ muffins to meet the unique allergenic needs of our customers, from young children to the fitness gurus.  Each bar is custom made by Heidi, a 3 time Ironman finisher, marathoner and weight lifter, who is always looking for the best natural products to suit her nutritional needs while training. Orders can be customized to fit your dietary restrictions.  All orders are accompanied with nutritional information.  

"STOP EATING THOSE TERRIBLE BARS YOU BUY FROM THE STORE.  Anything that can last months or even years in your pantry are filled with junk.  You want to be a mean, lean, fighting machine, then know your food, and customize your product".    With Love & Power -Heidi

The options are endless.  Please contact us with your favorite flavors  and nutritional needs, and together we will customize a bar for you.


Protein Bars

Island Puffs

Dates, Cashews, Almonds, Lime, Coconut GF/P/KF/PF*/ NS/V

Beast Bar

Oatmeal, Peanut butter, Applesauce, Protein Powder, Spices NS/NO/ NF

Popeye Muffins

75% Fresh Spinach, Flour, Sugar, Eggs, Oil KF/PF*/NF

Oh My Apple Pie Breakfast Cookie

Oatmeal, Apple Chunks, Spices, Agave KF/NF,/ PF*/ GF, NS/V

Walnut Break

Dates, Walnuts, Coco Powder GF/P/ KF/PF*/NS/NO/V

Pumpkin Pie Protein Bar

Pumpkin, Protein, Oatmeal, Applesauce, Syrup/ Agave GF/NF/ PF*/NS/NO

Naked Bar

Dates, Almonds, Raisins GF/P/PF*/NO/KF/V/NS

Bunny Bar

Protein, Oatmeal, Carrots, Raisins (optional), Egg whites, Spices GF/P/PF*/NF/NS/NO

Pumpkin Truffle Bite

Pumpkin, Almond Butter, Spices, Vanilla, Oatmeal GF/KF/NS/NO/V/PF*


GF= Gluten Free                                                      PF*= Peanut Free                       V= Vegan

P= Paleo                                                                  NF= Nut Free                              NO= No Added Oil

KF= Kid Friendly                                                    NS= No Added Sugar


Prices vary based on flavor combinations and level of detail found in the decorations.